What Coffee Contributes To Our Health?

What Coffee Contributes To Our Health?

Much has been questioned the influence of coffee on our health , both for good and for bad. There are many detractors of this drink that proclaim how harmful it is to the body, but is this true? What does coffee really contribute to our health ?

Research discovers that the data of almost 500,000 people have been used and their habits, their way of life and added problems such as smoking or body weight have been taken into account. Researchers have come to the conclusion that coffee consumption , at most 8 cups a day, lengthens life. This study also revealed that the results are independent of whether the coffee is decaffeinated or not, which makes this beverage part of a healthy diet.

Experts recommend a daily consumption of no more than 400 mg (about 4 cups of coffee), the perfect amount to enjoy all the benefits that this energy drink offers us.

The study has been exhaustive having developed it on half a million people. And there are some surprising conclusions. Do you know that coffee helps protect against DNA damage?

In the same way, the results of the research are supported with previous studies, such as the one carried out in 2017 that included more than 700,000 people and in which a link between coffee and a longer life was also found. Scientists believe, for that reason, that coffee could have some properties that improve health without having to do with caffeine.

Eye, it is a study and it is always better to look at it with some perspective and care. In fact, beyond whether it extends life or not, coffee has great health benefits , provided that its consumption is carried out in a balanced way. Do you want to find out what those benefits are? Well, COFFEELIFIOUS will help you to know more about coffee.

Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee has numerous benefits for our health , most of them ignored by consumers. Today we are going to shed a few of those benefits so that you know everything that this drink offers you with every sip. Let's start!

  1. It is a powerful antioxidant: in the list of foods and drinks with more antioxidants, coffee is nothing less than in sixth place. Coffee helps us to delay cell aging and enjoy better cardiovascular health.
  2. Coffee prevents diseases: consuming as much as 3 cups a day reduces the risk of suffering a respiratory disease, cardiovascular, diabetes, stroke, injuries and infections. Of course, we always talk about a balanced consumption.
  3. Help in concentration: caffeine will keep us on alert, which will undoubtedly help us in our activities, making us more efficient.
  4. Protects from Diabetes II: coffee intake increases the natural production of a hormone that plays a very important role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Specifically, according to another study, people who ingested more than one cup each day during a 4-year period had an 11% lower risk of developing this type of diabetes.
  5. Helps to prevent liver problems: an American study links coffee intake with a lower risk of suffering from primary sclerosing cholangitis, a disease that is autoimmune and rare that attacks the bile ducts of the liver. It also reduces the incidence of cirrhosis by 22%.
  6. Protect our heart: 2 cups a day protect us against heart failure. This statement is based on studies conducted at Harvard. The risk decreases by 11% compared to those who do not drink coffee.
  7. Protects the eyesight: a recent study has concluded that consuming coffee can protect us against loss of vision.
  8. Coffee helps you lose weight: a cup of black coffee, without milk and without sugar, gives us only 2 calories. If you are one of those who can not take it bitter, I suggest you use natural sweeteners such as, for example, stevia. Do not be afraid of coffee and give yourself one or two cups a day.
  9. Protects the health of our arteries: a recent study has shown that if you take 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day, you reduce the risk of arteries clogging and heart attacks.

As you have seen, the benefits of coffee are numerous as well as important; Drinking coffee in a balanced way helps our health , so coffee lovers have one more reason to brag about passion every day with their coffee cup in their hand.

It has become clear that coffee helps our health to stay in shape and also gives us moments of relaxation while enjoying its rich flavor and aroma. Today there are studies for everything but the best thing about coffee is, without a doubt, that we can prepare it in a thousand ways.


Importance Of Drug Testing In The Workplace

Importance Of Drug Testing In The Workplace

While conducting a drug test in the workplace is a practice widely common in many companies, it remains controversial. The main advantages of the phenomena are more than visible from the point of view of employers, who need to know their workers better and provide a safe working environment for all. In this article, we cover why drug testing in the workplace is important and why every employer should participate in this common practice. We will also see how employees can truly benefit from timely drug testing in the workplace.

The issue of drug abuse is especially sensitive in many places, which has only about 5% of the supply of more than 60% of the world's world population of illicit drugs, according to Cost of Drug Testing article by OHS Health and Services security Inc . In addition, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence states that 17% of s who abuse drugs are employed . A study by the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse of the University of Brasília reports that the use of drugs that appear in the workplace has increased over the years. At least 2,000 people are coming to work under the influence of a certain type of illegal substance. Investing in drug testing in the workplace can be more than justified .

From the employee's point of view, however, drug testing is often associated with some privacy issues. In the meantime, workplace drug testing may, in fact, be beneficial to employers and employees. Here Test Country explore the advantages of conducting drug testing in the workplace, this becomes more visible.

Drug testing in the workplace can help employees with drug problems:

Companies generally have their own drug and alcohol policies , according to which they conduct drug testing in the workplace, and in the event of detection of any abuse, take appropriate measures for specific employees. In many cases, caring employers give their workers with drug problems a second chance and provide adequate assistance to overcome their problems.

It has been proven that people who receive a drug abuse recovery program from their employers tend to make treatment and become more productive in the workplace. The study on how substance abuse affects employers says that an employee who recovers from a substance abuse disorder ends up saving a company more than $ 3,200 a year . This is obviously beneficial for both sides and will ultimately result in healthier families and a safer workplace.

Drug testing in the workplace can reduce staff costs:

Drug abuse in the workplace can cost more than R$ 140 billion per year for business owners, according to the article . Why drug testing is important to employers . The Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Administration says that employees who abuse drugs tend to change their jobs on average up to 3 times per year . This is certainly full of potential risks and expenses for businesses. In case of timely performance of the drug test, not only will it be possible to have less employee turnover, but companies will also have the opportunity to actually reduce overall recruitment and other personnel costs.

According to a survey 16% of companies running drug testing program in the workplace stated that their employee turnover rates visibly decreased. The National Safety Council's study on Employee Assistance Programs, Drug Testing, and Injury in the Workplace found that employees who abuse drugs are 2 to 5 times more likely to be unjustified absences, are late for work, are injured or violent at work 'claims, and leave or be fired within one year of their employment.

Drug testing may eventually promote a safer working environment:

Above all, this is one of the most important advantages of drug testing in the workplace. Employees who abuse drugs can cause a list of possible safety issues for themselves and their co-workers. This is especially relevant in cases where work is considered to be sensitive to safety, such as driving vehicles, operating heavy machinery, dealing with different chemicals etc. Employers therefore need to make sure that the risks of accidents in the workplace are significantly reduced and timely drug testing.

The overall advantages of toxicological tests in the workplace include even more important aspects such as improved work productivity, reduced risk of conflict, better reputation of the company, etc., not to mention the importance of toxicological employment tests, which can save measurable resources for companies.

Drug testing in the workplace can be performed on a list of cases and periods including ie periodic or random testing, in case of reasonable suspicion, pre employment, post-accident or post-rehabilitation drug testing etc. T these drugs to employees states that continuous testing (periodic) of drug use by employees tends to decrease the number of employees in the company who test positive.

Another set of questions that comes up here includes:

How to start taking a drug test?
What drug test do I use for my employees?
What are the most effective drug test kits? And so on…

The workplace drug test nowadays is a simple and harmless procedure. While many would expect the drug testing process to obligatorily include blood samples or other complicated procedures, it is actually much easier to perform. Especially nowadays, drug test kits are easy and effective to use while collecting urine samples, oral saliva, sweat, breathing and even hair samples. Today, drug testing delivers time-efficient results that are fast and reliable, all with a one-time kit. There are a number of incentives to drug testing and facts that confirm why drug testing in the workplace is essential in some states as well .

Before proceeding, however, employers must first make sure they are complying with all state and federal laws relevant to the impact of drug testing in the workplace. In addition, employers should give priority to essential medicines, which must be tracked in their Drug and Alcohol Policies, before going to the appropriate kits drug testing 12 . For more complete results, currently the growing list of synthetic drugs should also be considered. For example, use only the five-panel urine pattern may not be sufficient since it can not detect some of the newly developed substances, so the list of drug tests should be constantly revised and expanded.

Nowadays it is more advisable to use expanded test panels for the most common combinations of drugs. The test drugs typical 8 or 10 panels can be effective solutions for testing against various employees most common drug substances using a single test kit. In addition, there are specific drug tests for more specific common substances, such as hallucinogens, anabolic steroids, MDMA, hydrocodone, inhalants, etc.

Finally, it is important to partner with a highly reliable drug test that gives the company faster, more accurate drug testing. This can save time on constant searches and reduce the risk of inaccurate results.


Pre-Convo Photoshoot @ Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya

Assalamualaikum semua.

Seminggu lebih dah tak update apa-apa dekat blog. Sibuk sikit settlekan untuk konvokesyen Ahad minggu depan. Ambil jubah, bayar yuran konvo dan sebagainya. Hehe. Semalam ambil jubah sekali dengan pre-convo photoshoot dengan gengs. First time hire photographer. Fuhhh sumpah penat jd photographer dan model photoshoot ni. Haha. Oklah. Just short and sweet entry here. Taknak tulis panjang-panjang. Hihi.

Some of my pre-convo photoshoot photos @ Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya:
Photos by @philocaly.illusionist


Earphone Mampu Merosakkan Deria Pendengaran

Assalamualaikum semua.

Earphone atau headphone mampu merosakkan deria pendengaran kita. Ini terjadi apabila kita menggunakan earphone atau headphone terlalu lama dan terlalu kuat. Had maksimum penggunaan earphone atau headphone yang disyorkan pada satu masa ialah tidak lebih daripada 90 minit.

Kehilangan deria pendengaran yang disebabkan bunyi adalah tidak menyakitkan dan memberi kesan negatif kepada kita secara perlahan-lahan tetapi ianya kekal dan tidak boleh diubati sama sekali.

Cara mencegah kerosakan deria pendengaran disebabkan oleh earphone atau headphone:

  • Minimumkan penggunaan earphone atau headphone
  • Elakkan daripada menggunakan earbud
  • Tetapkan tahap bunyi atau volume MP3 player itu tidak lebih dari setengah
  • Tetapkan penggunaan earphone atau headphone tidak lebih dari 90 minit
  • Berikan masa rehat untuk telinga memperbaiki kerosakan (16 jam untuk perbaiki kerosakan yang disebabkan oleh bunyi kuat sepanjang malam)
Semoga bermanfaat! Info kesihatan ini dibawakan khas oleh KKM.

Earphone Mampu Merosakkan Deria Pendengaran, info sihat, info kesihatan, kkm, kementerian kesihatan malaysia


Restoran Al Reef @ Beranang - Semenyih

Assalamualaikum semua.

Lama dah tak ke udara di laman sesawang ni. Maaflah ya. Kepada yang datang melawat, follow dan baca blog ni. Terima kasih sangat-sangat. Yang bagi comment juga, terima kasih. Nanti aku terjah balik ya, for sure. Jangan risau. Hehe. Ok harini nak cerita pasal makanan lagi. Yay! Siapa suka cerita pasal makanan? Angkat tangan sikit. Amnya, blogger memang tak lari dengan cerita pasal makanan ni kan dan hari-hari juga kita akan makan jadi memang dah jadi lumrah nak cerita pasal makanan. Hihi. Tapi mohon maaf banyak-banyak ya kalau terbuat orang rasa lapar ke apa. Tak berniat langsung. Huhu.

Ok semalam makan Arab Cuisine di Restoran Al Reef @ Beranang - Semenyih. Teringin pula nak makan nasi Arab. Alah alah selera ni kemain kan. Restoran Al Reef ni terletak di Beranang tapi dekat-dekat dengan Semenyih. Haa gituu. Sebab tu lah tak tahu nak letak Beranang ke Semenyih jadi kita letak dua-dua. Haha. Restoran Al Reef ni besar sangat macam dewan sebab diorang menerima tempahan untuk apa-apa majlis. Majlis perkahwinan, sambut hari jadi dan sebagainya.

"Al Reef Restaurant, has been serving Arabic and Western food and this is the only one branch which we established in Dataran Dato Mohd Said, Semenyih."

Memang selesa sangat kalau nak makan sini. Tempat dia besar dan dia macam dekat dataran jadi 1 kedai dia saja dekat sini. Jadi parking sangat-sangatlah luas ya. Restoran Al Reef ni macam atas bukit sikit, dekat Dataran Dato' Mohd Said. Kalau sesiapa selalu pergi Beranang, Semenyih, jalan lama nak ke Kajang, mesti akan nampak restoran ni. Suasana dalam kedai pun sangat lapang, selesa, luas, bersih. Pendek kata, memang selesalah. Sesuai untuk gathering family yang ramai, reunion kawan-kawan sekolah ke kolej ke, dan sebagainya.

Pertama kali makan di Restoran Al Reef ni, dah banyak kali lalu dekat sini tapi tak pernah cuba. Jadi semalam, alang-alang restoran ni dekat dengan rumah, jadi why not cuba kan. Hehe. Restoran Al Reef ni setakat ni ada 1 cawangan ni saja. Tak ada di tempat lain ya. Diorang ada Arab Cuisine dan juga Western food. Ada jenis set atau pakej dalam menu diorang selain dari Ala Carte. Ada pizza yang nampak lazat juga. Nanti bolehlah cuba di lain hari. Hehe. Jom tengok menu makanan dia yang sempat diambil semalam. Selebihnya boleh usha dekat Facebook Restoran Al Reef  ya. 

Memandangkan teringin nak makan nasi Arab jadi semalam order nasi Arab sebagai main dish. Ada juga order 1 menu appetizer serta 1 menu rolls & breads dia. Haa mesti semua dah tak sabar nak tengok gambar makanan tu kan. Yummy! Haha. Oklah jom tengok menu-menu makanan yang aku order. Sedap ke idok? Mari terjah! Menu untuk 2 orang makan.

Rice Dish

Set - Mandy Lamb (Regular) + Ice Lemon Tea
Harga: RM 20.90
Rating: 8/10

Ala Carte - Kabsah Lamb (Regular) Air Watermelon Juice
Harga: RM 19.50 + RM 7.00
Rating: 8/10

Salad & Appetizer

(Smooth blend of Chickpeas with tahina sauce, lemon and olive oil)
Harga: RM 8.00
Rating: 5/10

Rolls & Breads

Beef Tikka Roll
Harga: RM 8.00
Rating: 8/10

Overall, semua makanannya bagus-bagus sekali. Kecuali part appetizer iaitu Hummus tu gaisss. OMG! I kennot lah. Haha. Mungkin lain orang lain tekak kan. Tapi I kennot masuklah dengan Hummus ni. Ini sejenis makanan Arab ni nampaknya tak kena dengan selera aku orang Melayu ni. Haha. Makan roti Arab dia saja. Hummus tu cecah-cecah sikit macam tu. Haha. Saja nak try Hummus ni sebab orang cakap sedap. Haha. Nampaknya idok le.

Kambing dia sedap, lembut, tak berbau. Portion nasi ok, macam biasa nasi Arab mesti portion banyak sikit kan, tapi habislah juga makan semalam. Mungkin tengah lapar kot ya. Huhu. Semalam aku makan yang Kabsah lamb tu. Nanti nak try yang Mandy lamb pula sebab semalam orang yang makan tu cakap sedap. Hehe. Ok next time bolehlah ya repeat. Servis memang boleh tahan cepat dekat sini jangan risau. Staff dia ok-ok saja. So-so. Haha. Ok itu jelah nak cerita. Jumpa lagi di lain entri ya. Korang kalau lalu Semenyih try lah makan sini dan rasa sendiri ya kalau nak tahu sedap ke tak. Ok bye!

Maklumat lanjut:

Restoran Al Reef @ Beranang - Semenyih

Alamat: Dataran Dato' Mohd Said, Lot 897, Rinching Tengah, KM23.5, Jln. KL-Seremban, 43700 Beranang, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 12.00 am - 11.00 pm (setiap hari)


Dugaan Dalam Tempoh Pertunangan

Assalamualaikum semua.

Ramai di luar sana yang menghadapi ujian atau dugaan dalam tempoh bertunang. Kadang-kadang diuji dengan bermacam-macam hal. Orang kata dalam melayari alam pertunangan, kita kena kuat kerana masa itu nanti hati kita akan berbolak-balik ditambah dengan ujian atau dugaan yang mendatang. Hati kita ini memang dah sifatnya berbolak-balik jadi semasa dalam alam pertunangan kena banyak mohon pertolongan dari Allah untuk bukakan pintu hati dan tetapkan jalan serta pilihan kita.

Antara dugaan dalam tempoh bertunang ialah:

  1. Diuji dengan duit dan harta - Pastikan duit kahwin tidak digunakan untuk perkara yang tidak penting. Utamakanlah perkara yang penting dahulu.
  2. Diuji dengan sikap - Bila nak melayari alam perkahwinan, dalam membuat persiapan, semua orang akan rasa stress atau tertekan. Jadi pasti akan ada perubahan sikap secara tiba-tiba seperti selalu sensitif, panas baran dan kurang sabar. Fahamilah situasi ini dan jangan mudah melatah.
  3. Diuji dengan ragu-ragu - Tarikh kahwin dah semakin dekat tapi tiba-tiba kita rasa ragu-ragu dengan pilihan sendiri. Itu semua hanyalah hasutan syaitan yang tidak mahu kita mendirikan masjid. Jadi jangan terpedaya ya.
  4. Kehadiran kekasih lama - Kekasih lama atau ‘ex’ yang tiba-tiba muncul semula, jangan tergugat dengan mereka. Walaupun kita pernah berkasih sayang dengan mereka dan berkongsi cerita, namun mereka hanyalah pengalaman dan kisah memori yang lalu. Lupakanlah masa silam dan ‘move forward’.

Memang banyak ujian dan dugaan semasa tempoh bertunang. Ketika dalam alam percintaan, lain ceritanya. Dalam memasuki alam pertunangan, lain pula cabarannya. Seterusnya memasuki fasa perkahwinan, juga akan ada cerita turun naiknya. Apa-apa pun, kita kena banyak berdoa kepada Allah supaya tunjukkan jalan yang terbaik untuk kehidupan kita. Sebenarnya, Allah dah rancang dan susun yang terbaik untuk setiap kehidupan kita di dunia ini. Percayalah setiap apa jua perancanganNya itu pastinya yang terbaik untuk kita semua.

Ok semua. Ada kisah,  pengalaman atau cerita yang menarik yang korang nak kongsikan semasa dalam tempoh bertunang? Mana tahu boleh dijadikan pengajaran atau motivasi ke untuk mereka yang akan melangkah ke fasa ini. Bolehlah dikongsikan di ruangan comment seperti biasa ya. Kata-kata anda sangat berguna. Hihi. Oklah jumpa lagi di lain entri ya! Bye.